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Publish a business directory to your Facebook page, website, or both, in minutes. Or you can build an embeddable restaurant menu that updates everywhere it’s listed when you update a Google Spreadsheet.

Get started quickly and easily with one of WebKite’s pre-built list types. Choose from food and drink menus, product inventory, business directory with a map, service list and more.

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Publish in Minutes

Go from a blank spreadsheet to a filterable, sortable list of items on your website in minutes.  Watch the two-minute video to see the process from start to finish.




Beautiful by Default

Build beautiful, filterable lists without the need to hire a designer. We supply the templates and you add your information.  Choose the layout that’s right for your site. Want to showcase images? Try the portrait layout. Want something that displays more information? Landscape will be perfect for you.





Filterable, Functional Content

Help more people find what they need on your website by building filterable content. Filter your locations by distance, your menu by meal type or your wines by winery.

Filtering means your customer finds exactly what they want, no matter their unique preference.

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