WebKite’s mission is to provide a unique and innovative way to publish content that improves search and democratizes the web. Whether you’re a hobbyist that needs a platform for visitors to explore your specialized data or a business that’s looking for a way to help people make better purchasing decisions, WebKite is a powerful solution for leveraging your content like never before.

The WebKite Story

There is an infinite amount of information available through online search. Despite endless information, the search process is limited to text matching queries and search results are manipulated by marketing techniques. The severe limitations and manipulation of search were the impetus behind WebKite founder Eric Silver’s charge to improve search.

In 2010, Eric founded Pikimal — a startup dedicated to improving the way people search for items on the web. Pioneering the decision-engine space, Pikimal helps people make fact-based decisions on everything from air conditioners to kayaks. Over the course of two years, Pikimal has become an amazing platform that redefined search.

In the summer of 2012, Pikimal took its efforts to democratize the web and improve search to new heights by evolving into WebKite–a content management system for creating specialized search and decision websites. Unlike other content management systems, WebKite provides intuitive and interactive data exploration, content growth, community tools, and brand alignment

The WebKite Team

WebKite is driven by our passion for developing elegant solutions to complex challenges. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, our team is composed of philosophy PhDs., ivy league graduates, students of library science, pizza enthusiasts, coders, entrepreneurs, and other brilliant folks. We work and play as a team to create a company culture that cultivates innovation and creativity. That environment coupled with our desire to improve the web for everyone, allows us to create a revolutionary platform that helps individuals and businesses share their passion in a whole new way.

Visit our examples page to see WebKite in action. Or, you can read more about WebKite on the WebKite blog.