WordPress Business Directory Plugin – Organize and List Businesses Online

With our WordPress business directory plugin, it’s easy to organize and display businesses in a simple, interactive, and elegant manner.

Our WordPress business directory plugin takes a lot of the heavy lifting out of publishing a list of businesses. More importantly, we make it easy for your visitor to find the exact business they’re looking for. Because of the built-in filters and sorts, you’re able to give your visitors a catered experience and allow them to sort on factors that matter to them.

Filterable & Sortable Business Directory

Our free WordPress business directory plugin allows you to publish a business directory with a number of filters and sorts. Filter type of business and sort alphabetically.

A Breeze to Manage

We’ve engineered this plugin to make it a breeze to update. Allowing you to create and maintain data in a stress-free way. One tool we use to simplify things is Google Spreadsheets. When you use our WordPress business directory plugin, you’ll add your data to a unique (and private) Google Spreadsheet.

Using Google Spreadsheets has some spectacular advantages:

  • Simple – By using a spreadsheet to store your data you don’t have to learn a new interface—everyone knows how to use a spreadsheet. It’s great at organizing businesses in one convenient place. This gives you one spot to maintain, share, and grow your data. A new business? Need to update information? Just make the update in the Google Spreadsheet, hit the sync button, and your changes will be live on your list in a matter of seconds.
  • Stable –  Google Spreadsheets handles all of your data so you don’t have to worry about bandwidth, scaling, hosting, or downtime. Also, it’s easy to restore to a past version if something goes wrong. With built-in revision history you can roll-back changes and see who added what and when.
  • Shareable – Google Spreadsheets has a built-in sharing function so you can easily add other editors to your data. Invite your co-workers, peers, and community members to add and edit information.  This can all be done without giving people access to your WordPress account. Crowdsourcing data input keeps you efficient and working smart.
  • Convenient – Access and update your review list spreadsheet from any device that supports Google Spreadsheets. This means you can manage your data using your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

You can play around with the sample—it’s a short list, but you can understand how the filtering and sorting works.

If you’d like to see how the data is displayed in a spreadsheet, you can view the review list spreadsheet here. If you’d like to use our plugin to build a business directory you can download the free plugin by clicking the link below.


Download the Free WordPress Plugin


Trying out the Beta launch of @webkite and I’m impressed with how easy it is. Entering and managing content couldn’t be easier!

— Ryan Hestin (@ryAn_Hdot) March 27, 2014