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Empower Your Users

WebKite’s Decision Engine educates and empowers users through decision tools and comparisons. Better than text-matching search, WebKite lets users sort results based on adjectives, facts, and superlatives—or by the words or phrases that you invent. Create a search engine with WebKite and you’ll  streamline search so users are able to find what they want more quickly and make educated decisions. [/one_half] [one_half_last] [/one_half_last][clear] [one_half] Create a search engine with WebKite to power your traffic  [/one_half] [one_half_last class="text"]

Optimize Your Content For SEO

WebKite can help your content achieve new heights atop search engine results pages and reach a diverse audience thanks to the inherent SEO value born from WebKite’s OnText technology. Own the long tail section of search by providing fresh, relevant content that appeals to a specific crowd. Create a search engine with WebKite and your site turns into  the specialty destination that enthusiasts will be relieved to find in their search. Don’t understand why this is important? Read our blog post on the importance of fresh content or take a look at our infographic on why fresh content matters. [/one_half_last][clear] [one_half class="text"]

Turn Content Experts into Brand Advocates

Everyone knows something. Through WebKite’s Social String users can contribute to your content and help build up your brand by adding new items, creating lists, and correcting data. Create a search engine with WebKite and you’ll be employing community tools like built-in wikis, item ratings and reviews, social logins, and site feeds. Building a community around your content allows you to learn about your users and gain unique content like user reviews and ratings. [/one_half] [one_half_last] Users contribute to content [/one_half_last][clear] [one_half] Customizable to align with your Brand[/one_half] [one_half_last class="text"]

Aligned With Your Brand

WebKite is a fully functioning website that can be themed to match your existing site or can stand on its own with Tailor-Made Kite. Regardless of implementation, WebKite will reflect your already awesome brand. See an example at VehiclePicks.com [/one_half_last]


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