How WebKite Works


Get Your Vertical Search Engine Soaring

WebKite is an innovative platform that transforms a unique set of data into a highly specialized search and decision website called a Kite. While that may sound like a complicated process, it’s actually quite simple. To help you understand what goes into creating a Kite we’ve broken down the process.

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WebKite turns your data into a vertical search engine

WebKite helps you easily create a niche vertical search engine from a set of data in a way no other content management system can.

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WebKite is able to create a Kite from any data–whether it’s coffee, fitness equipment, or your favorite playgrounds. Once you deliver your data, our team of developers and integration specialists begin constructing your Kite.

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Regardless of your data set, our integration specialists will work with you to ensure that your Kite is customized to your specific needs:. Whether that means matching your existing brand or refining the aspects that your data can be sorted. Within just a few days the WebKite team transforms your data set into a vertical search engine that we host, but can be customized to your domain.

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Once your Kite is in the air, you and your users can immediately utilize your content like never before! On your Kite users can easily search, sort, and interact with your specialized content through decision tools, top 10 lists, user reviews, and ratings.

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Your vertical search engine can drive growth

Now your content is easily discoverable online thanks to search-friendly lists created by you and your users. By leveraging your content through WebKite, you’ll be able to offer a decision space and a vertical search engine that is aligned with your brand while cultivating a community around your content.

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WebKite is already powering 100’s of Kites with items ranging from cars, to video games, to online courses. No matter your content or business type, it’s easy to get off the ground. Watch our video explanation of how WebKite works to create your vertical search engine.

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