When you choose to build a WebKite site, you’re also choosing to work with an experienced team that has built hundreds of WebKite-powered decision tools and makes more than a billion unique pages available to the web. The sites powered by WebKite take advantage of the built-in decision engine, SocialString, OnText, and tailor-made Kite customization to stand out from their peers. It’s the only kind of content management system that helps your users make a decision.  Check out a few of the sites that WebKite has built.

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Military Friendly Employers List

  • Allows users to search, sort, compare, and find a Top 100 Military Employer from nationally ranked companies.
  • Site launched in November 2012 with over 62,000 unique visitors in the first month.
  • Users are able to sort by factors such as location, % of military hires, insurance coverage, and more.
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Yummy Plants Juicer Shop

  • Launched in October 2012 as a resource for finding the best juicer.
  • The Yummy Plants Juicer  Shop received over 3,700 unique visitors in its first month.
  • Users are able to sort through 240 juicers to find the best product for them.
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  • Site launched in October 2012 with tools to help users to find the best drinking games.
  • Since its launch in October 2012, DrinkStreet has had over 54,000 unique pageviews.
  • Ranks high in Google search for a number of  long-tail drinking game searches.
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  • Over three and a half million visitors from Google in the last year without any dedicated marketing – this traffic comes from the power of the platform and auto-generated search friendly pages.
  • Traffic up over 40% month-over-month.
  • Generates over $5,000 a month through affiliate links.
  • Allows users to use decision tools to sort through over 300 products to find what’s right for them.
[/two_third] [one_third_last] Pikimal uses the WebKite decision tools to help users find the product right for them.
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  • Site launched on July 17, 2012 as a centralized resource for the best online courses and free classes available from reputable colleges and universities.
  • iEducate features 50 online schools and 849 online courses.
  • Allows prospective students to sort through hundreds of courses and find the one that suits their specific needs.
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Vehicle Picks

  • Site launched May 1, 2012 with tools to help users choose between cars, car amplifiers, and cargo carriers.
  • First month saw 29,472 unique visitors.
  • Ranks high in Google search for a number of keywords in lists generated by the Vehicle Picks community.
[/two_third] [one_third_last] Vehicle Picks helps you find a car based on just the facts
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Mumbai Hotel Review

  • Mumbai Hotel Review features over 200 hotels in India.
  • Users are able to find the best hotel for them by using filters like rates, surrounding businesses, and amenities.
[/two_third_last] [divider] [two_third] These sites allow users to find products and make decisions that matter using decision tools that would normal cost thousands of dollars. WebKite provides an affordable solution to an emerging content management problem.


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