Publish Anywhere, Update Everywhere

WebKite List makes it simple to list product inventory, build a business directory, list restaurant menu items and more on your Facebook page, on any website or both.

Update your data everywhere by making changes in a single Google Spreadsheet. WebKite is the simplest way to maintain and publish your data across the web

Add a Filterable List or Directory to Your Site

Get started with WebKite List for free. It’s as simple as signing in with your Google account, populating a Google Spreadsheet with information and adding a shortcode or pasting Javascript into your website.

The Easiest Way to Add a Filterable, Sortable List to your Website

Make your content interactive and dynamic

A series of filters and sorts let your visitors see the items in your list that meet their needs. Visitors can combine filters to make curating a large list of data a breeze.

Keep your data in sync, wherever it lives

Maintain the integrity of your lists by updating a single Google Spreadsheet. When your spreadsheet is updated, your lists update automatically.

Compatible with any size or shape of website

WebKite List was built to complement your site, not interfere with development. The list is completely responsive and works great from mobile views to tablets and desktops.

Watch a Video:
Publish Your List In Minutes

Go from a blank spreadsheet to a filterable, sortable list of items on your website in minutes. Watch the two-minute video to see the process from start to finish.

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