The WebKite Process

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WebKite is able to create a Kite from any data–whether it’s a list of exotic coffee, fitness equipment, football statistics, or members of an association. Once you decide on your topic you can begin to construct your Kite. What’s a Kite? A Kite is what we call a WebKite powered site.

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Customize, Tweak, and Build to Your Kite’s Content

Once you upload your data you can begin to customize your Kite in a number of ways. Switch out colors to match your brand, upload a new header and footer, and create a tailor-made Kite. We’re creating WebKite Patterns so you’ll be able to customize your Kite through a simple interface. Meaning, you’ll have the power to display results as a grid, changing the look of the sidebar, or better highlight user reviews.

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With the WebKite platform, your website becomes a destination.  It’s an experience, something a community can gather around and refine by adding user reviews and ratings. It turns data into something actionable, instead of something to scroll through. When users are able to filter and sort to their hearts content, they’re able to make better (and more efficient!) decisions.

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Share Your Expertise, Build a Better Experience

No one just visits a website these days. Sites are built to attract new users and have them interact with their site in some capacity. Sometimes that takes the form of a “Like” button or the opportunity to subscribe. But there’s a better experience to be provided. WebKite allows you to offer a truly unique service. A platform allowing you to share your expertise, and your users the power to filter and share to their hearts content. It’s a true win-win that relies on providing an authentic and worthwhile experience to help you stand out from your peers, showing what a highly interactive website can do.

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What’s great about the WebKite platform is the built-in discoverability. When you upload your data, WebKite creates thousands (sometimes millions!) of pages and lists to cover any combination of facets and items. This means you have unique content and URL for something like “Best kite for the beach under $20″ or “Best kite for a windy day that’s easy to fly.” This helps you attract a whole new audience through long-tail search results.

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Helping Your Users Make Smarter Decisions

When it comes down to it, we’re making decisions online. It’s one of the number one reasons the Internet exists; it’s ideal for researching and filtering a number of options. With WebKite, you can cultivate that community and leverage your expertise and pedigree to provide a one-stop-shop for decision making and sorting. All contained within your website.

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