Build Something Different.

We want you to publish something more interactive than a web page. More dynamic than a blog post.

Something with more utility than a .Gif

We want to empower you to publish data that's highly filterable and sortable. We want you to be able to make your own Yelp for any topic. We want you to be able to publish your expertise on a topic.

Our product will allow you to easily take a set of data and embed it on the web. Your community will then be able to filter & sort that data by facets and filters provided by you.

Initially, it'll take the form of a plugin, but will expand to be universal. Hyped? Sign up for our beta.

Be the first to embrace this wave of publishing 

We’ll be sending out invites on March 10th. We want to build a web where building interactive, filterable data is trivial. Our product helps you to create functional, searchable, and exciting web pages. From building a menu that’s easy to sort, to a directory of businesses and resources. Helping people find the content they want when they want it is important.

We’ll be rolling out more over the coming weeks/months/years.