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[clear] [webkite-container class="beta-head"] [one_half] WebKite makes publishing data easy. Like, “making a blog” easy. From a simple spreadsheet users have already created a directory of pizza places, a list of engagement rings sortable by price and size, and an online e-commerce comparison site.

We’re pretty hyped about the platform and want to give away some sites to help test out our tech. If you’ve ever wanted to improve the way to search content or make data interactive, this is for you. There’s no good way to publish data, but we’re changing that by pairing data with item customization, user ratings, reviews, affiliate programs and list creation. Sign up above or continue reading for more details about WebKite.

For one lucky beta tester we’re going to give away a free premium Kite for a year. That’s thousands of dollars of technology at your disposal. All you have to do is sign up for the beta and tweet your idea with the hashtag #FlyASite with a link back to the beta page.
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Tweet #FlyASite

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Why sign up for the Beta? And what’s a Kite?

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  • Free WebKite technology – a cutting edge publishing platform
  • A Kite is kind of like a blog, but with data instead of words. It’s created from a spreadsheet and is a great way to sort information.
  • WebKite is a new way to display, explore, sort, and rank data. Check out what some of our clients have done with the technology.
  • You’ll be the first to have access to our Kite Creation Tool and help us make it more awesome than  seeing a thousand kites flying in unison.
  • We have a large box of WebKite shirts we’re dying to give away.
  • It’s the perfect complement to your already existing site and helps you create a new type of content.
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Kite City, Get Hyped

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Sign up today to reserve your free Kite. Not only do you get your own site, but you’ll be helping us test out our technology.