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Periodically we publish thoughts and ideas about he state of the web and the state of structured data publishing. Topics range from small business marketing to cost efficient advertising.

Google Now Allows You to Hand Write Your Search Query

Yesterday Google announced that users will be able to hand write their search queries on their smartphone or tablet when on Google.com. The feature was designed for those times when typing is inconvenient such as bumpy car rides. Is this just a gimmicky update or is it a better way to facilitate search?

Inventory-based advertising is a better way to advertise

Since we're generating specific ads based on a business' inventory, ads are only shown to customers that are ready to buy those products.

This mitigates waste and ensures that you only get clicks that have a better chance of leading to a sale. Inventory-based ads help you skip past the bartering and get right to the sale. Meaning you can spend less time maintaining ads and more time taking care of your business.

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