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Kite Jam 2012 Redux!!

If you follow us on Twitter and Facebook you’ve no doubt noticed that we’re on the cusp of releasing a self-service form of WebKite that lets you build your own Kite. While you can sign up for the Beta, the staff spent a day testing the product and building our own Kites. It was something we called Kite Jam 2012!

Last Friday the staff came to work armed with a single .csv file. From that seed of data we had to grow a site that helps users sort items and make a decision. Luckily, that’s exactly what the WebKite platforms specializes in. It was thrilling to build a Kite from scratch and spend the day working with our tools. Having the opportunity to create custom lists and get the site up to my standards reminded me of my early days setting up blogs and websites. So many fun little customization options to make the site truly your own.

Giving you the power to easily publish data is what we’ve been striving for since day one and what we saw at the Kite Jam was amazing work. We’ll be highlighting some of our created Kites in the coming days, but for now you can check out my Kite I created about Pittsburgh Pizza Places. I’m still working on some of the details, but that entire site was built from a 26 row spreadsheet!

To spice up the Kite Jam, we turned it into a small competition where the staff could vote for Kites they thought would make money, most usable, the best looking, and the best overall Kite. Here’s some photos of the ceremony, the winners, and their winning mug.

Everyone getting hyped up for the Kite Jam Awards

Everyone getting hyped up for the Kite Jam Awards


Justin Burdett Winning the Money Kite Award

Justin Burdett, winner of the “Money Kite Award”

Me, the winner of the Swiss Army Kite

Me humbly accepting my award for the “Swiss Army Kite”

Jess, who won the Ultimate Kite Award

Jess won the “Ultimate Kite Award” for her Engagement Ring Kite. We’re all so proud.


Not pictured is the winner of “Kite Clooney Award,” the award for the best looking Kite, because they weren’t present that day. Drats.

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