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Three New WebKite Powered Decision and Search Sites

What a week it’s been here at WebKite! Aside from our own Greg Gates giving some insight into his evolution from philosopher to software developer, we also announced three new WebKite powered sites. The newest WebKite powered sites are Download Faxes, Mumbai Hotel Review, and the Yummy Plants Juicer Shop (which is pictured above).

You can read a release detailing these new decision platforms with quotes from the founders, but I wanted to use this post to delve into how clients are using WebKite. We’re proud of the flexibility and capabilities of WebKite and since we’ve been working with clients we’re excited to see how the technology has taken off.

Rebecca Gilbert, the founder of Yummy Plants, wanted to add a helpful shop and decision guide to her Yummy Plants community. The existing solutions weren’t easy to implement. But with WebKite, Rebecca was able to add a program in the form of the juicers Kite. It’s much more effective than having a link to Amazon because she’s helping users come to a conclusion about a product instead of simply ushering them in the right direction. Plus, the community is able to leave behind reviews and ratings for the juicers they’ve tried.

Mumbai Hotel Reviews and Download Faxes both offer a service that simplifies life.  At the end of the day isn’t that what technology is supposed to do? Jon Pastor, owner of Download Faxes, went with WebKite to help users find an electronic fax vendor to choose instead of hunting across the web. I had no idea there were so many fax solutions across the Internet! It’s great to have a platform dedicated to helping users find the exact service that fits their needs.

Mumbai Hotel Review makes finding a hotel in Mumbai, India easier than ever by culling scores,  ratings, and hotel information from across the web in one focused area means traveling around India easier than, say, flying a kite. It was pretty impressive considering this hotel review and rating site was built in a few days.

So those are the three newest WebKite powered sites out on the web. Two review sites and resources, and one store coupled with an affiliate program. We’re really excited for users to get their hands on the tools. Rest assured, we have a lot more in the pipeline and a number of interesting things to unveil in the coming months.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to comment or ask on Twitter of Facebook.

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