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Use WebKite to Find the Best Holiday Gifts!

The holiday season can be a stressful time for buying gifts. This goes double if you’re buying for kids and the last popular toy you remember was Tickle Me Elmo. What are kids into these days? What’s the best holiday gift for my niece/nephew/grandson/love child? We… had no idea.

So we took to the metaphorical streets in search of the best holiday gifts for kids from babies to teens. Checking out the hot list at Toys R Us gave us some inspiration and we rustled up our 2012 Holiday Gift Kite. Sort by age, price, toys for boys, toys that are great for the whole family, toys that don’t require batteries… go ahead and customize!


To test this Kite, I decided to search for the best toy for my niece, who is turning 3. I wanted something for younger kidsrecommended for girls, and under $30. I got a great list back returning toys such as Flying Super Grover and a Unicorn Pillow Pet – both options which I know she would just love. Coming up with a fun, age-appropriate gift used to be somewhat stressful for me and I am so glad to have a tool like this available. We’ve added customized user ratings as well, which tell us the absolute most fun toy, the easiest to clean up after, and the toys which are great for the whole family  – parents included!

Inventory-based advertising is a better way to advertise

Since we're generating specific ads based on a business' inventory, ads are only shown to customers that are ready to buy those products.

This mitigates waste and ensures that you only get clicks that have a better chance of leading to a sale. Inventory-based ads help you skip past the bartering and get right to the sale. Meaning you can spend less time maintaining ads and more time taking care of your business.

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