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Video: How WebKite Works


The WebKite platform is able to transform a set of data into a dynamic, intuitive, and interactive website. While that may sound like a complicated process, it’s actually quite simple. To help you understand what goes into creating a Kite we’ve broken down the process of how WebKite works with a video and text explanation.



First, in order to create a highly specialized search and decision website which we call a Kite, we need your unique data. If you don’t have your own data we can help you find some. Once you deliver your data to WebKite, our team of developers and integration specialists begin constructing your Kite and importing your data into WebKite’s flexible content management system.



The beauty of WebKite is that we’re able to create a Kite from any sort of data–whether it’s coffee, fitness equipment, or your favorite playgrounds. Regardless of your data set, our integration specialists will work with you to ensure that your Kite is customized to your specific needs.



Within just a few days the WebKite team transforms your data set into a Kite that we host but can be customized to your domain.


Once your Kite is in the air, you and your users can immediately utilize your content like never before! On your Kite users can easily search, sort, and interact with your specialized content through decision tools, top 10 lists, user reviews, and ratings.



Now your content is easily discoverable online thanks to search-friendly lists created by you and your users. By leveraging your content through WebKite, you’ll be able to offer a decision space that is aligned with your brand and cultivate a community around your content.



WebKite is already powering 100’s of Kites with items ranging from cars, to video games, to online courses. No matter your content or business type, it’s easy to get off the ground.



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Inventory-based advertising is a better way to advertise

Since we're generating specific ads based on a business' inventory, ads are only shown to customers that are ready to buy those products.

This mitigates waste and ensures that you only get clicks that have a better chance of leading to a sale. Inventory-based ads help you skip past the bartering and get right to the sale. Meaning you can spend less time maintaining ads and more time taking care of your business.

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