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Creative Mornings and A World of Appreciation


Creative Mornings is lecture series that takes place in 40 cities. Its purpose is to jumpstart your work day with  a concentrated dose of creativity and perspective. The pastries, coffee, and gregarious company certainly didn’t hurt.

This morning’s theme was “Happiness.” The pursuit of happiness and what exactly happiness even is. The speaker was David Newell (better known as Mr. McFeely of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood) who regaled us with stories of the astounding amount of happiness following your heart can create. Delivering mail to Fred Rogers for 35 years will have that effect on someone.

Part of Newell’s presentation included a clip of his final on-screen scene with Rogers back in 2001. I can’t find the scene online so I’ll describe it the best I can. Their exchange is friendly and Mr. Rogers is so appreciative of a film that Mr. McFeely put together to show the audience. After they sing the speedy delivery song and part ways, Mr. Rogers sits down and says, “Find out what people can do and appreciate it.”

And isn’t that part of the startup mentality? Take a rag-tag team and figure out what works, where everyone’s niche is and explore the roles in that space. This, most of all, is why young folks can be attracted to the startup scene. There’s no convention here and it’s an arena to hone skills and test out theories. A type of proving ground. Once you find out what you’re good what, what works and what you can be appreciated for, do you carve out your role in the company.

Personally, my role at WebKite has changed significantly since my arrival almost a year ago. From working on Pikimal to spreading the word about WebKite, my skills and tasks have changed until I’ve found messaging that works or the type of content that can help better define WebKite. The constant experimentation, refining, and exploration makes appreciating the startup world that much easier.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next Creative Mornings! I’d highly recommend the series, it’s a pleasant way to start off a day. A perfect cup of coffee and the ideal amount of inspiration.

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