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Directory Software for Startups

directory software for startups

Here’s something to chew on: Startups exist to change the world. Make life easier. More enjoyable. Carefree. Each successful startup is one step closer to that technical utopia that you read about in Popular Science back in the 70’s. But, one tool startups seem to keep recreating are directories. Whether it’s a “Yelp for…” or “Kayak but for…” or “Healthgrades but for…” the end result is the same—a directory .

These aren’t your Uncle’s directories. Oh no—these are directories built using the best technology by talented developers. You want to filter through thousands of businesses with a click of a button? What about an easily searchable database? You want to create a store locator site? How about upload a list of doctors that are sortable by speciality, insurance they accept, location, and user ratings? These directories have become so complex they are more like contained “decision spaces.”

But there’s too many resources going into building this base functionality. The sorting, data upload, the filterable aspect of things keep getting recreated. Incubator after incubator! It’s a waste of resources.

WebKite is directory software for startups. We see many startups out there helping their audience make educated decisions and provide a smart way to filter information. But, you shouldn’t be building the same foundation. You could take the money and development time building the base and spend it on marketing, developing awesome features, and ensuring your startups makes it past the stage of incubation.

When you set out to help your audience sort through data and find the best something, you’re building a directory.  But why go with directory software for startups? Well let’s see…

Helping Startups Build a MVP

One client we worked with was a startup called, AppCertain.You may have heard of them – they’ve been featured on TechCrunch and the UK Guardian. Pretty impressive stuff.

They’re a spunky startup that was eager to change the way kids, and adults, find mobile apps that are rich in educational value. The kids are our future, and we’d like to have them learning a bit between games of Angry Birds. One aspect of AppCertain’s market strategy was to build a searchable database of apps where parents could visit and find the right app for their child.

With their eyes on a deadline, AppCertain looked to building out their searchable database (or, you know, a directory). They collected data, did their research, and with the help of WebKite’s directory software for startups, were able to publish a workable, functional, dynamic directory in a few days.

You can see  their directory of apps here.

What does Spencer Whitman, the founder of AppCertain, have to say about his experience building out this directory?

Webkite was instrumental in getting a major part of our business up and running in a matter of days. We were able to create individual pages show casing over a thousand of the apps that we’ve analyzed for parents. Without Webkite we would have no way for families to search and compare the different apps in our system.

With the directory software for startups, AppCertain built out a concept

How Can a Startup Disrupt Their Niche? We Have Just the Anecdote…

Meeting Pool is a company based in San Francisco that’s trying to simplify the way event planners choose event-technology. And, if you’re in the Bay Area and aren’t innovating, you’re in trouble. They knew there was an overwhelming amount of information and options, and they sought a way to simplify decision making. Go beyond the standard buyers guide or marketplace, and build a comprehensive directory that was helpful to vendors as well as consumers.

So, they created a directory. A single destination to sort through events and technology. And thus, Meeting Pool has single handily changed the way an industry makes decision. Their directory is an oasis in the event planning field and there’s not much out there like it. So why is this important?

Well, with the “claim a listing” feature they can charge vendors to claim a listing. This earns them recurring revenue while offering an awesome service to the event industry. Also, by providing the capacity for user reviews and ratings, they’ve ensured that their directory will continue to grow over time. What started as a simple directory has grown into a multi-facet business solution; they can easily generate leads, build revenue, and encourage a community.

Tara of the Meeting Pool, shopped around for directory solutions before settling on WebKite’s directory software for startups. Her take:

With WebKite, you don’t feel like you building a directory created 15 years ago. And we’re dealing with a less technical audience. Event people tend to be late to adopt technology, even if you go to events we’re trying to connect people. The platform has to be forward thinking. We’re trying to help people who plan events use technology, and make a decision. Which is why we chose to build with WebKite.

Since launching, Meeting Pool’s directory has been featured on MeetingsNet.com and EventTechBrief.

Directory Software for Startups Can be Pretty Cool

We think so anyways. Before you go off building something we already built, send us an email. We’re a startup that loves working with other startups. Mostly, we want to make this technology accessible and easy to build, without a huge wallet. That’s why we bundle together every key feature you would need in most basic package. And, what’s even better, if you just want to get started you can sign up for a 7 day free trial today.

Keep up the great work!

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