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Employee Kites: E-Commerce Review

Publishing and sharing your valuable content with the masses is exciting in its own right but what about making your content profitable? WebKite isn’t just a great tool for easily publishing your unique data, it’s also a way to make money from your content. With WebKite you can generate revenue through affiliate links, lead generation, and display ads.

During Kite Jam 2012, one of the awards that WebKite team members competed for was the Money Kite — the Kite the staff thought would earn the most money.  This award category proved highly competitive with several Kites utilizing affiliate links and lead generation. Justin, a member of WebKite’s amazing development team, used his personal knowledge and experience with e-commerce platforms to create a Kite that reviewed e-commerce sites like Shopify, Volusion, and Magento.



His E-Commerce Review Kite won the Money Kite award and was a runner up in several other award categories. The way that Justin’s E-Commerce Review Kite will earn money is through referral commissions when users sign up for one of the e-commerce platforms reviewed on his Kite. Here’s a brief Q & A with Justin about his in-depth E-Commerce Review Kite:


Q: What kind of Kite did you create?

A: I created an E-Commerce Review site, which aids store owners, new to online retail, designers and developers find the right platform for their or their client’s needs.


Q: Why did you choose to create a Kite for that particular topic?

A: Before working at WebKite, I worked as a contractor for a number of e-commerce merchants. Whether they were new to online commerce or considering a new e-commerce platform, often they needed help figuring out which e-commerce platform was right for them. The WebKite platform allowed me to build something that anyone can use to find that right platform for them.


Q: How did you collect your data and what sources did you use?

A: Each e-commerce platform has a great informational site. I went through by hand and collected the data and information I wanted about each product.


Q: What was the best part about creating your own Kite?

A: I really enjoyed using the data uploader. It took no time to get my spreadsheet of e-commerce site data onto the web.


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