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Employee Kites: Pizza Walk With Me’s Pizza Directory

The personal interests of the WebKite team are diverse but one team member’s passion is one of the great unifiers of the universe: pizza.

Dan, WebKite’s marketing manager, is a pizza journalist that works hard to eat and review pizzas from Pittsburgh’s many neighborhoods. He knows where to get the best Neapolitan pie, the cheapest pizza, and a plethora of other valuable pizza information that is begging to be shared with the masses in an interactive way.

His passion for pizza has resulted in the creation of a pizza blog and now a pizza Kite! Dan’s pizza Kite, Pizza Walk With Me’s Pizza Directory, won the Swiss Army Kite award at Kite Jam 2012 due to its incredible usefulness. After all, who wouldn’t use an interactive list created by a pizza expert to find the best pizza in Pittsburgh? Here’s a brief Q & A with Dan about his rad pizza Kite:


Q: What kind of Kite did you create?

A: I made a pizza directory to showcase my reviews and pizza content.


Q: Why did you choose to create a Kite for that particular topic?

A: I’m big into pizza. So much so that I eat pizza for at least 50% of my meals. I have a pizza blog and thought a neat complement to my pizza writing would be a directory of pizza places I’ve eaten at that gathered my review and thoughts. If people visit my pizza site they see the most recent, but I wanted to enhance that experience. I wanted pizza enthusiasts to be able to sort through my reccomendations and even rate pizza places themselves. There’s not really anything else out there like this, so I thought this would be a great opportunity.


Q: How did you collect your data and what sources did you use?

A: I’ve been writing about pizza for about two years now so I had plenty of my own data. I was able to use my notes and reviews to rank pizza based on crust quality, volume of cheese, type of sauce, and overall atmosphere. As I continue to explore the world of pizza I hope to add more items to my pizza Kite!


Q: What was the best part about creating your own Kite?

A: The best part about creating my own Kite was that I was able to enhance my current content offerings and provide a new way for my audience to interact with my reviews. It takes the conversation and content and turns it into a two-way street. Instead of me writing about pizza there’s the opportunity to proide my own rating and let users come and add their own perspective. Also, being able to sort by neighborhood, cheese, user ratings and more variables is great – makes deciding on what pizza to order on a lazy Sunday much easier.


Inspired by Dan’s pizza Kite? Sign up for the free WebKite Beta to create your own Kite. We’ll be showcasing two more award-winning employee Kites from Kite Jam 2012!

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