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Employee Kites: Tiny Pillow

Right before the holidays WebKite employees spent a day creating their very own Kites in order to put our self-serve technology to the test. This exciting event resulted in shiny new Kites with content ranging from pizzerias to portfolio sites.

Dubbed Kite Jam 2012, employees competed for four distinguished awards: Money Kite, Swiss Army Kite, Kite Clooney Award, and Ultimate Kite. The next several blog posts will showcase the Kites that received these prestigious awards. The first Kite we’re showing off is Tiny Pillow by Jessica, one of our awesome developers and the winner of the Ultimate Kite award! Here’s a brief Q&A with Jessica about her award-winning Kite:


Q: What kind of Kite did you create?

A: My kite topic is engagement rings. The purpose is to help a guy or girl identify an engagement ring to buy.


Q: Why did you choose to create a Kite for that particular topic?

A: I always thought Pikimal should do try jewelry categories, but we never got around to it. Specifically, engagement rings are a big-ticket item and cause a lot of anxiety in people who have to pick one, so a site that can help a user pick one seems like it would be in demand.


Q: How did you collect your data and what sources did you use?

A: Major jewelry sites I know: BlueNile, Zales, Kay, Jared, and Amazon.


Q: What was the best part about creating your own Kite?

A: I thought the color picker was a lot of fun.



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Stay tuned for more award-winning employee Kites!


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