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Getting Hyped for Pittsburgh Startup Weekend

Another weekend, another Pittsburgh startup weekend! It’s a solid event that brings together the innovators, dreamers, thinkers, and tinkerers to build something wondrous. In only a weekend.

As a startup, it’s great that this sort of event grows bigger every year. The excitement and change a startup can bring to a city as neighborly as Pittsburgh is outstanding—hopefully we see some great companies form out of startup weekend.

I spoke with Kit Mueller (who somehow attends every single startup event in Pittsburgh) and he had this to say, “Having been a part of over a dozen Startup Weekends across the country, the ones we host in Pittsburgh are always special. Every Pittsburgh event gets bigger and better, with some of the best innovators in the region collaborating to build on awesome ideas.”

Holly, in our UX department, was nice enough to send this quote over from Rohan Singh. Rohan, who’s getting a Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction from CMU, said, “I’m super excited. Cannot wait to build something cool with a team of devs, designers and business folk. Looking forward to learning how to create an MVP and launch it. It’s almost like a crash course!”

Almost? More like it absolutely is a crash course.

Man, now I’m kind of jealous I won’t be attending this startup weekend. What’s awesome about these events is that they welcome anyone from any background. Yes, even if you’re a marketer for a startup like WebKite, you can contribute to a startup weekend team. Even startups need a really great MailChimp campaign, right?

Are you heading to startup weekend? Let us know. We’d love to follow-up with you after the weekend to see how it went.


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