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How We Developed The New WebKite Dashboard

Holly Brosnahan has been at WebKite for almost three months in the positions of Senior User Experience Lead.  

We were excited to push our new WebKite dashboard live on November 25th. The work on redesigning the dashboard has been going on since before I started, and we are just getting started with our vision of what the WebKite product can become.

In this first iteration of updates, we restructured the dashboard to move the context specific information to the tabs on the side. This makes it easier for the customers to edit the look and feel of the Kite in the theme and adjust the settings of the site. Universal functions like accessing account information and support were left along the top bar.  You can see a bit about how the design evolved from early sketches to what is on the site today.


Early Sketch of the New Dashboard done by Front-end Graphic Designer Chris Baum

In the previous version of the dashboard, customers could add additional Kites, but the functionality was deep in the interface so they often needed to get help from our customer support team. With this new iteration of the dashboard, we have moved creating additional kites to the forefront, right below the tab of the current kite. This allows customers to easily create new data sets that will be shown to end users on their site.

We also made it easier for someone to set up their initial WebKite powered site.  From a UX perspective, it’s critical to have this be a seamless process, so that customers are able to quickly move from data to a working site frustration.  Whether someone is creating their first WebKite powered site or is adding one to an existing site, they will have the option of going through a Kite Setup Wizard.  This walks the customer through the steps of setting up the filters and sorts the end user of the site would use to find just what they are looking for.

WebKite is committed to improving our customer’s experience, and has just hired Chris Connors in the position of Chief Experience Officer. You can read a bit about Chris Connors in a recent article in the Pittsburgh Business Times. Check back to learn about new improvements we have coming to the dashboard and to WebKite.

Have you tried the new WebKite dashboard?  It’s great if you want to build a directory, build a locator site, or create an online catalog.


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