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Kit Mueller on the Pittsburgh Thinkathon


After posting some thoughts on the Pittsburgh Thinkathon yesterday I thought “Wouldn’t it be swell if we heard from one of the organizers?” Luckily for me I have Kit Mueller on speed dial. Kit seems to show up just about anywhere in Pittsburgh when someone says “startups” three times in a row. He’s like a more charismatic Beetlejuice.

As one of the organizers, Kit is pretty pumped up about the Pittsburgh Thinkathon. There were plenty of really cool things created which can have an outstanding impact on the city. Kit had the following to say about the event (he requested I type these out in all caps but I had to explain to him that wasn’t proper etiquette. Go figure.):

Pittsburgh really shined on the national stage. The best and the brightest came out to solve some pressing needs for the city. We produced some amazing results in a finite amount of time. And everything that was created will be considered by people in the local and federal government. These ideas warrant recognition beyond just the Thinkathon weekend.

Events like this in general prove Pittsburgh’s digital acumen and is a large step in the right direction. The stakeholders in the city really see this as a huge validation as Pittsburgh becoming an even larger startup environment.

Thoughts? Comments about the Thinkathon? Let us know in the comments.

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