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SEO and Directories | Battle for The Top

What does SEO and Directories have in common? SEO can be a fountain of success for any organization. As more and more of the community relies on Google for answers, doesn’t it make sense for your content to show up where your audience is looking for it?

Of course! It’s the #1 way to earn and grow traffic. Which means more visitors. Which means you become a better resource. Which allows you to increase your value and relevance. And you become even more of a beacon of leadership.

But how is it possible to nab that #1 spot? Well, years ago people would tell you to do scandalous things to trick search engines into ranking your website higher. Things like putting white text consisting of keywords on a white background. Weird, right?

Luckily, Google has been updating the way search results are displayed so those terrible tactics are no longer effective.

And, we’re going to share with you the absolutely certain way to win SEO and grow traffic for your membership

Drum roll please.

The #1 Absolutely Certain Way to Win SEO and Grow Traffic

Content. Content. Content.


It’s all about producing high quality, specific content. The kind of content that someone searches for, finds, and is ecstatic they’ve found it. So ecstatic they share it with their friends, or on their social networks. Over time, that piece of content rises to the top until it’s #1. In no way is it an overnight sensation.

What sort of content? It could be a blog post about one of your awesome employees, or a piece of news happening in your community. It could also be a listing, with an image and detailed information. That sort of content is exactly what rises to the top of search engines. Hence the whole “SEO and Directories” spiel up top.

The hard part comes from building that initial set of content. Building content and publishing that content takes time. Energy. Money. But it’s such an investment. I know people that have a huge budget ($2,000 – $4,000 a year!) dedicated to ensuring they do well in search results. But there has to be a more affordable way…

How You Can Beat SEO Without a Huge Budget or In-Depth Knowledge of Technology

That’s a lot of cash. And there are about a hundred other things that money could go to. So how can you effectively (and affordably) build up your SEO?

A directory is a great start. SEO and Directories go super well together. A directory gets all your information online in a searchable format. Thus, you’re able to be found. Discovered. And grow that traffic.

This is a boon for anyone looking to publish a diverse website, each with their individual page with unique content, and grow that content. And as you add more members that’s just more content which equates to a better chance of being found online.

You could also start a blog and do more outreach. Sharing content is an awesome way to earn credibility and get people to come to your site, which can also help SEO.

That’s what SEO and Directories Are All About

SEO is only as complex as you want to make it. Fortunately, Google has been refining their search engine results so that the most relevant content rises to the top. It’s great to be rewarded for producing awesome content, isn’t it?

Still have questions about SEO and directories? We’d love to hear them. The WebKite platform was built to allow people like you to be competitive in search results. Every WebKite powered site is engineered to be Google-friendly, meaning your target audience can easily find their target content. And since content is the key to high search results, well, you get the idea.

If you need more info, read more of our directory series. Perhaps, how to make money with a directory? Or learn more about directory software?

As always, we have a 7 day free directory trial if you’re interested in getting a directory started!

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