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Spooky WebKite Release Notes

We usually don’t post about our release notes because, well, they’re not the most exciting thing going on at WebKite. Though, they do give a sneak peek into what’s going on with the WebKite platform, maybe it’s something people do want to hear about?
Either way, our product manager, Justin “Blood Curdling” Burdett, made the release notes this morning extra spooky. Hope the rest of the team isn’t too scared to work…

Nightmarish New Stuff
  • Step 1-o’-Lantern of New Filters! This update provides the framework for which we can support new filters.  Soon, we’ll have an interface to create sorts, display them on the top results page and more.
  • Domain-specific user enhancement of terror! There’s now an enhancement that can be configured on/off which can allow a user to sign up for a specific site via email, rather than just Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • A variety of continued improvements to the RIP (That’s API in ghost).
Bone Rattlin’ Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a ghoulish typo on step 2 of our sign up flow.
  • Fixed a devilish error when a customer would try to use an expired coupon.
  • Fixed a creepy permission problem with the new custom URL enhancement. Admin users couldn’t modify their own custom URLs.
  • Multi-kite sites should no longer act like a zombie when all of its kites are unpublished – it will appear unpublished to a visitor, rather than showing a splash page without any kite content.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing list names to cackle and truncate when added to the sidebar.
  • Users will no longer feel grim when trying to add ID (as in Idaho) to their upload. We’ve changed our default language so ‘item ID’ is the protected ID.
  • A variety of other scary bugs and improvements.


Spooky, right? If you want to see past release notes you can visit WebKite.com/Releases.

Have a great Halloween!

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