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SXSW, Innovation City, and Highlighting Pittsburgh Innovators

Hard to believe that big ol’ SXSW is just a few weeks away. I’ve never been, but I’ve heard that it’s a sneak peek of the future. With Startup Alley, hundreds of sessions about any topic you could be interested, and a week dedicated to the indiest of music and movies, well, it’s a recipe for concentrated innovation. I know I feel inspired just thinking about the possibilities.

I knew we wanted WebKite to be involved in someway because it is the who’s who of technology and interaction. Unfortunately, at the time of getting a booth and things were still brewing in the WebKite kitchen. The great news it’s more than ready to show off and we’ll be hanging out at Innovation City showing what WebKite can do to help the world achieve a new level of innovation. So, what’s Innovation City? Glad you asked.

Innovation City is an official SXSW party – they don’t just hand out that title to any party. This is going to be a bona-fide amalgam of technology, music, festivities, and interactive activities. It’s being put together by the Pittsburgh Tech Council and Carnegie Mellon University to showcase just how much Pittsburgh has changed in the past years. With new incubators opening, an excellent place to live, and a solid networking community, Pittsburgh has evolved into a burgeoning hub of technology. We’re more than hyped to be a part of such an event. What we’ll have on hand is a directory of Pittsburgh innovators for visitors to sort through to see a) what exactly Pittsburgh is innovating and b) why these companies stayed in the area. If you’re a Pittsburgh innovator that wants to be part of that list just fill out this simple Google form.

Speaking of SXSW parties – we couldn’t help but create a Kite dedicated to all of the official SXSW events. We put together a list of parties sortable by age requirements, what day of the week they’re happening, and a link to add to your schedule. Check it out, share with a friend, review a party, let us know what you think.

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