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Pittsburgh’s Cup Runneth Over with Tech Companies

Maybe it's WebKite?

September has been quite the month for WebKite. First the west coast tour (which we’ll have video of soon) and now the Pittsburgh Tech 50 / Tech Cocktail nomination.

Tech Cocktail – A Vote for WebKite is a, uh, Vote for WebKite

For the first time ever, Tech Cocktail is coming to Pittsburgh. What’s great is that this is a fine opportunity to show off the innovation Pittsburgh is bringing to the world. We’re pretty pumped up to be included as one of the hottest startups, but we need your help to seal the deal. You see, whichever startup has the most votes goes on to compete in Las Vegas with other Tech Cocktail winners.

The one problem is that Pittsburgh may be too innovative. As Mike Caps put it…

You can vote for WebKite (or anyone else!) here.

Pittsburgh Tech 50 – WebKite Nominated for Startup of the Year

If you haven’t noticed, Pittsburgh is home to plenty of up and coming companies. Which is why I don’t envy Pittsburgh Technology Council’s initiative to highlight the best of the best in the Pittsburgh Tech 50. We’re nominated for startup of the year, but all the finalists is a Who’s Who of technology! It’s pretty stellar to be able to enjoy such company and we’re definitely looking to see WebKite in other categories in the coming years.

Check out the Pittsburgh Tech 50 Finalists.

We’ll report back with these results, but in the mean time don’t forget to vote in the Tech Cocktail competition.

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