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WebKite’s West Coast Tour


Let me just say there’s nothing wrong with the east coast. It’s a great place and we’re proud inject a bit of innovation here. Where else are there programs like Rust Built and Built in Pittsburgh? The camaraderie and support system here is unreal. But there are times, not many, where we must untether ourselves from the Atlantic Ocean and explore the Golden West. And the home of $4 toast.

This week marks WebKite’s trip to San Francisco to show off some of the technology to those on the other side of the country. The WebKite ambassador is our founder, Eric Silver, who’ll be carrying the banner. Literally. The photo above is our “booth” at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. Pretty cool banner, right?

First stop is TechCrunch Disrupt.

Should You Go to TechCrunch Disrupt Events?

The TechCrunch Disrupt series of conferences are quite an experience. If you’re a startup wondering if you should be at these things, well, it’s hard to say. You meet a lot of great folks, see a lot of great technology, and say the same spiel over-and-over-and-over-and-over again. Which is great practice for understanding what messaging works and helps you refine your elevator pitch. Both things a startup should be working on anyways.

These events are almost like incubators for elevator pitches now that I think about it. Anyways.

From our trip to the New York Disrupt last fall we noticed the audience was a lot of startups checking out other startups. They’re innovators poking around, hoping to gain that bit of traction and build some partnerships. It was great to meet so many people! Getting in front of like-minded folks to talk about the ups and downs of startup life is strangely cathartic and if you attend one of these events, you’ll leave bursting with motivation. And a bunch of free stickers to stick on your guitar case.

One benefit from our trip to Disrupt was some media coverage. We were featured on Nibletz, mentioned as a data manipulator on Geek Insider, and earned a review from Best Techie. It’s awesome to get this kind of feedback at an early stage of a company. Not only does it add some legitimacy, but hearing how strangers to your product translate it to their readers is priceless.

So that’s Disrupt. We’ll report back how it went on the west coast.

New Tech at SF New Tech

But Disrupt isn’t the only event we’ll be attending at San Francisco; Eric will be getting up on stage to tell the attendees at SF New Tech about the flexibility and power WebKite brings to content publishers. It’s the first time we’ve gone to an event like this, something that is so pitch-focused on a large venue, so I’m interested to see how the turnout is. Will we see a boost in traffic? Some media attention? It’s too soon to tell!

Though, I do wonder if those attending these events and Disrupt will come back to the office OD’ed on innovation. I hope such a thing isn’t possible.

So that’s the WebKite West Coast Tour. We’ll have a more thorough report when Eric returns with anecdotes and tales about life away from the east coast.


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