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Better Web Monday – Connect the Net Edition

World Cup Widget

How can you not fall in love with the World Cup? Every four years world-wide productivity hits a low as 32 teams strategically launch a ball from one end of a pitch to the other. The colorful crowds chant in unison for their teams—as if they’ve spent the past four years carefully rehearsing via Skype—and goalkeepers spend 90+ minutes dreading a future where they let a ball connect with the mesh net they diligently guard.

As the world comes together to celebrate the World Cup, we’re writing a Better Web Monday that connects the the Internet. Whether that’s APIs or websites that make it easier to find the help you’re looking for. 

Better Web Monday – Connect the Net Edition

Kimono Labs World Cup API – Kimonolabs is doing their darndest to turn the entire web into an API. APIs give you (and technology) access to freely interact with websites and information in unique ways. We used their World Cup API to turn a stats into an embeddable World Cup widget. They’re making it simple to connect this data to improved utility. Just look at the applications others built with Kimono APIs@KimonoLabs

{API} Search -This is exactly what you think it is—a quick search engine that helps you find an API. You can type in “Food” and see results that include Yummly and Wine.com, or type in startups to see AngelList.co. It seems new, but if you ever work with APIs this is a resource you’ll want to keep an eye on. @apisio

Codeable.io – Developing on WordPress is mostly easy. There’s a plugin for everything, a number of themes, and resources scattered across the Internet. But if you want something custom, finding an expert can be time consuming. Vetting and tracking down world class developers is tough. Codeable must think so because they built a website dedicated to connecting you to a WordPress expert. If you need to build custom WordPress sites, this is the HQ for you. @codeablehq

Are you improving the web? Email me at Dan [a] WebKite.com before the next Better Web Monday and let me know!

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