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Better Web Monday – Startup Weekend Edition

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to volunteer at Pittsburgh Startup Weekend. If you’re hesitant about the idea of startup weekend try dipping your toe in via volunteerism. You get to witness companies being formed,  watch teams evolve, and ideas come to life. Without having to stress about presenting to a huge audience.

This week on Better Web Monday, I thought I’d highlight a startup weekend team in addition to the other folks who are building a better web.

Strap in!

Better Web Monday – Startup Weekend Edition

Tagalong Tour – The winner of Startup Weekend Pittsburgh. Tagalong Tour collects curated walking tours from around a city. Right now they have a few for Pittsburgh, including a pretty awesome pizza tour. Over the weekend they were able to create an iPhone app that takes all the walking tours and allows you to access them on your mobile. Pretty neat way to tour a city! @tagalongtour

IXD Checklist – When you’ve finished building out your awesome new websites, make sure to do a once-over with this checklist in mind. The IXD Checklist is a solid guide to creating an amazing user experience that puts clarity first. If someone can’t navigate your product, or doesn’t understand the symbols you’re using, they’re gonna have a bad time. @myplanethq

Riffsy – Whether you like it or not, we are turning into a society that communicates via Gifs. It’s not a bad thing—you can express plenty of emotions in a single Gif! Riffsy is working on making Gifs easier to share, simple to make, and link back to the original video. Now when someone shoots you that totally awesome reaction Gif, you can track the source down. A refreshing sentiment as online-attribution slowly fades out of style. @Riffysapp

Timeline JS – Build an interactive timeline to embed right onto your site. Timeline JS gives you a spreadsheet, you fill it out, then they give you an embed code to put an timeline of events onto your website. Sounds a lot like how WebKite operates… @knightlab

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