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Better Web Monday – WordCamp Chicago Edition

Justin and Eric at WordCamp Chicago


Last week a few of us at WebKite attended WordCamp Chicago. It’s a weekend conference dedicated to all-things WordPress. We’ve been to past WordCamps, but this was by far the biggest.

We had a table in the main area of the conference hall which meant a lot of great face-to-face time with the WordPress communities. We gave exciting demos of WebKite for WordPress, got amazing feedback, and handed out 50 WebKite t-shirts! If I was going to do it all over again I would have brought triple the t-shirts.

The point of Better Web Monday is to highlight projects, people, and tools that make the web a better place. At WordCamp Chicago I met people doing exactly that—perfect for Better Web Monday! 

Better Web Monday – WordCamp Chicago Edition

ClientDash – I met Kyle at WordCamp Chicago. He gave a nice talk about short codes during the Foundation Friday sessions. He’s quite enamored with WordPress. So much so, he built ClientDash, a WordPress plugin that simplifies the admin are of a WordPress site. If you have ever worked with clients you know that giving them access to the WordPress admin page introduces a number of hazards. One wrong click and they take down their website. With ClientDash, you can turn a complicated admin panel into a client friendly experience. @MrKyleMaurer

Real Time Site Personalization – This is less of a “thing” and more of a concept. A concept to keep in mind when you’re building the web to create dynamic and interactive websites. Jesse Friedman gave a talk about this at WordCamp. I took some time to capture his thoughts in the form of an AudioBoo which you can listen to below. @Professor


CoSchedule – I talked a bit with Mike Hale at WordCamp about the many tools you can use to schedule and promote WordPress content. Managing content can sometimes take up as much time as creating the content, which seems backwards. CoSchedule is a calendar and scheduling plugin that provides a simple drag-and-drop calendar interface to maintain and schedule content. I even used it to schedule this post! @CoSchedule 

Have an item you want features on Better Web Monday? Leave a comment or send me an email: Dan [at] WebKite.com. Enjoy Justin giving you one of his patented thumbs up.

Justin Burdett Thumbs Up

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