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Building a Better Web Monday – March 24th

There’s a stigma against Mondays. Thanks to Garfield’s agenda, Mondays get a bad rap. It’s an end to a weekend, the start of a long week. But not for me. At WebKite I am so hyped to get to work on Monday. After all, we’re making an awesome product that changes the face of publishing. But this isn’t about WebKite.

The idea of making the web a better place makes me excited. My veins fill with adrenaline and concentrated hype just thinking about the possibilities. I hope it too makes you excited. Because the Internet is awesome and it’s getting more awesome by the day.

That’s what “Building a Better Web Monday” (BBWM) is all about. It’s a small project to highlight the neat things happening online. That could be new applications, thought provoking articles, or a service that opens up a world of potential to everyone.  We’re all building awesome things, so why not highlight them?

Without further adieu:

Building a Better Web Monday – Week of March 24th.

Good UI – Simple tips on making smart UI decisions. Many of these are tied to boosting conversions, helping to simplify your web pages, and create a better experience for a visitor. And everyone knows a happy visitor is a happy customer.

Contently – I know, another porfolio site. But this one is slightly different. It’s geared towards helping journalist showcase the stories they’ve written. Complete with the number of shares on social sites and a handy description of the article. Awesome for showcasing and organizing all your written work in a way that isn’t bulleted lists! @Contently

Prototyping on Paper – One thing I learned from attending a design conference a few weeks ago, was that you shouldn’t begin designing in Photoshop. Pen and paper help you iterate faster, allowing you to explore good ideas and toss the bad. Now, with this app you can turn those paper prototypes into digital creations. A neat way to branch between mediums. @woomooinc

WP Nom – This is a delightful resource for WordPress designers who want to be more efficient. They give vital tips concerning the three WordPress F’s: Functions, features and filters. Helping designers become more efficient is certainly something that shouldn’t go unnoticed. @WPNom

Splash – Ifyou’re into putting on events, Splash will help you create “the perfect event site.” I’m not sure what entails a perfect event site, but they seem to cover the fundamentals. Theoretically, you can spend less time pushing pixels to create an outstanding event site and more time getting your audience to show up. @splashthat

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