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Building a Restaurant Menu For WordPress

One of the templates WebKite for WordPress starts with is a restaurant menu. At its core, WebKite helps users make better decisions. And what’s a more important decision than figuring out what to eat? Hence the restaurant menu for WordPress template.

Below you can see the restaurant menu you can embed in WordPress. It pulls some of the items from Piccolo Forno’s menu, a personal favorite of mine.

What’s great about building this restaurant menu for WordPress is the filtering & sorting. Want to see pizzas only? Click filters then select “pizze.” Want to see items in order of price? Click “sort” and select how you want to order the items. Combine filters and sorts to find the perfect dish.

Simplified Restaurant Menu For WordPress

Building a restaurant menu for WordPress has, traditionally, been difficult. For someone who just wants to list their items, update the soup of the day, or add a new entrée, it’s overly complicated. WebKite for WordPress makes those updates simple by giving you a spreadsheet to contain all your information.

Want to delete an appetizer? Delete the row on the spreadsheet. Need to update a price? Just update the price on the spreadsheet. Whenever you hit the “sync spreadsheet” button all your changes will be reflected on your embedded list.

If you’re building this for a client, they don’t even have to access the backend. They can make the spreadsheet changes and you can go into WordPress and hit the sync button.

As Simple As Updating A Spreadsheet

Speaking of spreadsheets, if you’d like to view the spreadsheet I used to create the list above, you can view it here.We supply the template, you put in your information. Whenever you’re finished, it’s as easy as embedding a short code on any of your WordPress pages.

We want every restaurant to be able to easily add their menu to their WordPress site. Something that’s filterable and a joy to use makes the end-to-end dining experience memorable, fun, and frustration free.

Allowing a customer to come to your site and see only the items that fit their diet is awesome. It answers the “can my gluten-free date eat here?” or “I hope they have vegan options…” You can supply that information with our plugin and have it accessible by customers with a single click.

Food is precious, and removing any mystery and streamlining a menu keeps the focus on helping a diner find their next meal, stress free.

We streamlined the plugin to highlight your meals, your food. Isn’t that what a restaurant menu for WordPress should do?

If you’re building a restaurant menu for WordPress, you can download our WordPress plugin for free. Sign up below to stay in the loop about WebKite updates. New templates, features, and more.

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