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Lancaster is the WordPress Capital of Pennsylvania (This Weekend)

Lancaster WordCamp


This weekend we’re packing up our bags and heading to the other side of Pennsylvania to hang out in Lancaster. Why? Because this weekend is WordCamp Lancaster! The premier event for WordPress users and designers. There will be talks about SEO, designing a plugin, accessibility tips, and more.

I’m most excited to hear some very prominent members of the WordPress community give a talk. Amy Hendrix, who has been a contributor to every WordPress release since 3.3. Ryan Duff who has been building plugins since 2004 (which is prehistoric in Internet time!). There’s no shortage of expertise, and I’m hoping to interview as many speakers as possible.

One thing I love about WordPress is how loyal and excited their users are. Every web developer I’ve interviewed has told me there is basically no way they’d ever give up WordPress. I’d ask, “Can you even think of a scenario where you’d stop using WordPress?” And they’d squirm in their chair trying to imagine a world where WordPress isn’t their first, second, third, and last option.  Hopefully I’ll be able to chat with Suzette Franck, a WordPress evangelist, about this phenomenon.

I’ll be posting thoughts and interviews to the WebKite Audioboo account.  Or you can follow WebKite on Twitter for any notifications of updates.

Inventory-based advertising is a better way to advertise

Since we're generating specific ads based on a business' inventory, ads are only shown to customers that are ready to buy those products.

This mitigates waste and ensures that you only get clicks that have a better chance of leading to a sale. Inventory-based ads help you skip past the bartering and get right to the sale. Meaning you can spend less time maintaining ads and more time taking care of your business.

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