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What You Need to Consider For the Future of A Responsive Web


I interviewed Joe Cassabona about the responsiveness of the web. Joe Casabona is the author of  Responsive Web Design with WordPress and knows why, how, and the best way to implement a responsive  design strategy.

That’s all important information, but I wanted to know what was next.

What’s beyond the responsive web? What should designers begin to prepare for? Mobile is one thing we’re all highly aware of. Surely there’s next steps. We aren’t just going to pack up our responsive picnic and call it a day, are we?

Joe Cassabona was more than happy to answer these questions and shed some light on where we’re heading as a responsibly responsive society.

We talked about the wonders of WordPress, responsive design, and more! Listen to in the embedded audio player:

Can’t listen? Here’s a few highlights of our talk:

WordPress powers 21% of the web, people are going to be hitting your WordPress site on a number of devices with an assortment of screen sizes.  You better be prepared to have a website that’s appealing to a diverse audience.

Joe says that in late 2013, he had clients requesting that their websites work on mobile devices.  While they’re not asking for responsiveness by name it’s what they want. Responsiveness is trickling into the mainstream, so you better be prepared.

Making websites compatible on mobile devices is a no brainer. But what about TVs? As we get more pixel dense displays, responsive is going to shift towards bigger and brighter screens. Think things like a TV display and how to make a website usable and functional from a phone screen to a television. That’s the next big challenge of responsive design.

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