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Content Comes Alive – Publish Fun and Interactive Content



At WebKite, our main mission is to make it easy, fun, and exciting to publish data & content that’s filterable and sortable. Some call that faceted search.  You’ve seen this in action already. The Amazon sidebar allows you to narrow down a warehouse to find something specific. Yelp helps you find that perfect restaurant that’s nearby, serves pizza, has high ratings, and accepts credit cards. Beginning to see the utility?

But for a long time that technology has been out of your reach. Unless you had thousands of dollars and a development team sitting idly by. Or, I guess you could use our WordPress faceted search plugin.

Sort & Filter Anything

We aren’t the ones who invented this technology, far from it. But we are the ones making it readily available to web builders like you.

When we talk to designers about this functionality, they inevitably say, “But I don’t build eCommerce sites. This doesn’t apply to me.” But they are so wrong.

The reason this technology is mostly used in an eCommerce capacity is because it has been expensive to implement. If you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on building that filtering functionality, it better have a great return on investment. But what if that technology was free (which is what WebKite is doing)? Then you can begin to see the utility of this technology outside of eCommerce. Such as…

  • – Build a list of business filterable by amenity and location
  • – An alumni list filterable by graduation year and degree.
  • – A menu that’s filterable by dietary concerns and calorie count

  • – Creating a resource library that’s highly filterable 
  • – Showing off your collection of books/movies/comics/games 
  • – A recipe directory that you can drill down by category, or type of ingredient

There’s so much content being published on the web and we want to help you make it infinitely more sortable. Not only will you be able to publish better content, but your community will thank you for it. We’re building a WordPress directory that will allow you to publish interactive content.

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The Power of Custom Filters

One key feature in our plugin is the custom filters you’ll be able to sort by.

We know your content is different from your neighbors content, and it varies from client to client, so we make things somewhat custom. We are building out a number of templates to make publishing interactive content easy, and what’s great is that your filters and sorts vary depending on the type of content you’re publishing.

If you’re building a restaurant menu, and you add “Linner” as a meal type, “Linner” becomes something you can filter your menu by.  And a menu that’s filterable by “Linner” is a menu I’m happy to return to.

By pulling filters and sorting criteria right from your data, we’ve build a flexible platform that molds to your data, not the other way around.

It’s no secret that users crave something more than blog posts. And, if it’s something relative to their interest and needs, that’s a huge bonus.

That’s why you see unique experiences on the web bubble up that are filtered with interaction—sites like Twitter with their replies and mentions, or Facebook & Instagram which is a hub of activity, likes, hearts, and comments. WebKite is another tool you can add to your site to add a level of interaction. Which, will hopefully propel you to be a leader in your community.

The Nat Geo theme song should be playing here

Be A Leader In Your Niche

One benefit of interactive content is that this extra functionality gives you the edge. Building these filtering and decision tools makes your site more functional. It provides credibility since you’re providing real value and the ability to make decisions online.

Think of some of the leaders on the web. What sets them apart from their competitors?

Usually it’s a unique set of content that’s easy to filter and find what you’re looking for. This includes sites like Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Kayak, LinkedIn and Yelp.

Juggernauts of websites. And that makes them better than their alternative? The ability to filter and organize data. The ability to make the right choice. The ease of checking a few boxes and seeing results that meet that exact criteria is powerful. It’s a powerful way to deliver content, and it keeps your visitor happy.

The Perfect Content Complement – Like Breadsticks with Pizza

I’ll tell ya, I have a pizza blog. I love writing about pizza. It gives me an excuse to interview owners of pizza shops, venture miles away to eat pizza, and take annoying photos at restaurants.

But I wanted to take my pizza site to the next level. (Photos, videos, and writing wasn’t enough!)

I want more. And, more is what WebKite helped me produce. I was able to take all my pizza knowledge and expertise, and publish it in a way that’s filterable by a number of custom filters. I’m a proud pizza blogger who can say I have a whole interactive database that you can go to and find pizza that’s very cheesy, has a sweet sauce, and is under $10 for a large pie. You can check out my pizza database here.

Pretty cool?

It’s the exact kind of content that expands my offerings and helps me stand out in the pizza community. Which is bustling.

Helping Everyone Build a More Interactive Web

This sorting and filtering technology is awesome. It’s the best way to help a community make decisions, find what they’re looking for, and sort through information. Now, we’re making that capability totally free and something you can embed right on your website.

Faceted search let’s a website become a hub. A destination. With faceted search you can build out a thorough directory of businesses in a specific vertical, or a contact list of professionals in your field. It can even be used to make reviews sortable and easy to find – want to find a review for that restaurant that serves breakfast, is within two blocks of your house, and is on the cheaper side? Faceted search can make answering that question nothing more than clicking a few filters.

By leveraging faceted search, you’re building a site that allows your users to find the exact content they’re looking for. And a happy visitor to your site is the type of person that refers people to visit your site.


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