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Publish WebKite Lists to a Facebook Page

Publish to Facebook

Publish Everywhere (Including Facebook!)

At WebKite our goal is to help businesses publish and update information everywhere online using a single interface.  WebKite is a one-stop-shop for updating an inventory, food menu, wine list or more.

A few weeks ago we announced that anyone can publish WebKite anywhere they can embed a YouTube video. Now you can publish a WebKite list directly to a Facebook page.

WebKite integrates with Facebook so you can publish important information and updates to both your Facebook page and your website. When your data exists in multiple venues, you’ll be able to update it everywhere by making changes in a single Google Spreadsheet. Perfect for updating a menu that changes daily or easily adding new items to a product inventory.

Why Facebook?

These days building a Facebook page can be just as important as maintaining a web page for a business. Facebook likely plays an integral role to connecting a business to a consumer—after all, there are 1.1 billion people using Facebook.  

Back in June, Facebook’s director of small business, Dan Levy, said that there were 30 million small businesses with active pages on Facebook. That’s 30 million growing businesses that manage a website and a Facebook page.

It’s a perfect outlet for connecting with a community, but comes at the expense of taking up valuable time. Changing a restaurant menu on a website and a Facebook page takes time. Keeping a toy store’s inventory current on both the website and the Facebook page is critical to setting expectations, but creates redundant work. Maintaining both sets of data is unnecessary and with WebKite, it can all be done by updating a spreadsheet.

As Simple as Updating a Spreadsheet

With WebKite, update the data published on a Facebook page and a business’s web page by maintaining it in one place: a Google Spreadsheet

A lot of WebKite users are small businesses—butchers bringing the finest meat to Chicago or a store selling growlers of microbrews in Vermont—and we’re making their life easier. This means simplifying the way these businesses publish the data that’s important to them.

WebKite uses Google Spreadsheets for a business to easily manage data. This means you can update information wherever its published by making updates to the information inside the unique Google spreadsheet WebKite provides.

Need to update a restaurant menu on your website and Facebook page? Update the spreadsheet. Just started carrying a number of new products and need those items listed on all your online sites? Update the spreadsheet.

We built a tool to make life more efficient for the business owner and remove one thing from their to-do list. And it’s just the start of more products we want to build for the small business owner. If we can streamline this kind of publishing and data entry what else can we streamline? Social media? Inventory management?  Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop about new features that can improve the way you publish.

Want to see the a WebKite Facebook list in action? Look no further than Pittsburgh Fun Places.

Use WebKite to Publish to you Website, Facebook page or Both

Inventory-based advertising is a better way to advertise

Since we're generating specific ads based on a business' inventory, ads are only shown to customers that are ready to buy those products.

This mitigates waste and ensures that you only get clicks that have a better chance of leading to a sale. Inventory-based ads help you skip past the bartering and get right to the sale. Meaning you can spend less time maintaining ads and more time taking care of your business.

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