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Rise of the Rest – Spotlighting Innovation in the Pittsburgh Area

I like to say Pittsburgh is “up and coming.” In a lot of ways, it’s been growing non-stop in the past few years. Its neighborhoods are thriving, business is booming, and despite all its hills Pittsburgh is becoming a bike friendly city. 

Lately, it has become a hub of innovation. It’s home to one of the best startup accelerators in the country, AlphaLab, and a thriving startup scene. You could easily mistake Pittsburgh for Sunnyvale, California, our founder’s home town, right before it sprouted into an epicenter of innovation.

In an effort to highlight Pittsburgh, and three other cities that are bursting with entrepreneurs and opportunities, Steve Case developed Rise of the Rest. Rise of the Rest is a startup competition taking place in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Nashville, where select startups will give a five-minute presentation to Steve Case and a number of judges. The prize? $100,000 investment from Steve Case, former CEO of America Online.

WebKite is proud to be one of the ten Pittsburgh startups chosen to pitch to Steve Case. And the other nine startups chosen really highlight the entrepreneurship and variety of ideas that are able to grow in Pittsburgh. SolePower generates power from walking, so you can charge devices with your own energy; Aurochs Brewing Co. is brewing gluten free craft beer in Pittsburgh; Treatspace is developing software that connections patients, providers, and practices to streamlines healthcare. You can read more about these startups as well as the other competitors  (FutureDerm, Collected, Identified Technology, Lifeshel, FACEMeeting, and RapidTPC) in this Pittsburgh Business Times article.

Part of the Rise of the Rest application process was a one-minute video explaining your startup and team. This was by far one of the more complicated tasks we had to pull off. I think the video turned out well and thought it would be great to share. I know I’d love to see what the other teams submitted. Who knew trying to explain everything in one minute would be so difficult?


Tomorrow, as the innovation spotlight casts its light on Pittsburgh, take pride that Pittsburgh is rich with technology. It’s a town that’s in a perpetual state of “up and coming” and there’s nothing that can stop any entrepreneur in the Steel City. Instead of rising behind the rest, soon Pittsburgh will be rising with the rest of the innovators around the globe.

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