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WebKite for WordPress Now Supports Multiple Languages

WebKite Translation Screen

There are  WebKite users throughought the globe—every continent harbors a WebKite user that is building interactive lists to embed on their WordPress site. Well, every continent except for Antarctica. So, if you know someone in Antarctica (or plan on visiting yourself!) please get in touch. We would love to arm you with a WebKite hoody and a .zip of the plugin.

Having users throughout the world means that supporting only English doesn’t cut it. While the input (e.g. names of items) could be in any language that a keyboard supports, the headings, filters, and categories were stuck in English. We knew that wouldn’t work for long—especially in this global market.

Weeks after the plugin launched we received requests about translations.

Helpful Hands Across the Globe

We have employees who speak Turkish and Chinese, but that’s a small fraction of the languages we need to support our growing community. Instead of trusting Google to the translating, why wouldn’t we get the translations from the community itself?

And that’s what we did – now we have languages we couldn’t ever dream of supporting—French, Dutch (Thanks Niel!), and Hebrew (Thanks Amir!) to name a few. We knew we couldn’t do this ourselves, but teaming up with a passionate community member who’s singular barrier to perfection was a languages was smart.

Anytime we can empower the community and leverage their expertise in a way we both benefit, we’re going to do just that.

Want to contribute to our language project?

If you speak a language or know someone who does, send them our way! We’re looking for anyone to help expand our library of languages. Email me, Dan[a]WebKite.com, for more information.








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