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WebKite Now Available In Your Local WordPress Plugin Directory

Now you can embed (almost) any filterable lists!

That’s a good looking banner, right? It showcases a few of the layout options for WebKite for WordPress, not to mention both our CTO and CXO. Don’t worry, the addresses are made up so you can hold onto your fan mail for a while. Now, you can find that banner in the WordPress plugin directory when you visit our WordPress plugin page.

We’re excited to bring version 1.0 of Webkite for WordPress to all WordPress users. Packed into this plugin is the power to publish dynamic content—creating filterable and sortable directories, menus, and contact lists. But with this release we’re introducing even more templates to help you build better content.

Introducing 3 New Templates

Index of Reviews

For those writing reviews on a WordPress site, this option helps readers easily locate previous articles. With our template, you can create a review index so visitors can find reviews based on relevance, not most recent.

This index is perfect for business, restaurant, product, food reviews, and more. Filter by custom categories and sort by price, name, and rating. Personally, I like to review a number of pizza places. They’re scattered all over my blog and whenever a new visitor comes to my site, if the right content isn’t at the top of the site I can potentially deliver a sub-par impression.

With this index of reviews, I can guide users down a content path where they themselves pick out exactly what they want to see. This takes the random chance out of the equation and delivers the right information at the right time.

Beer Menu

I don’t know if it’s me, but every bar I enter has a list of beer that’s overwhelmingly long. With the micro-brew movement, there’s been a flurry of new beer on the market. IPAs, Stouts, Double IPAs, Pilsners, seasonal varieties and more. Who can keep them straight? Sometimes I just want to see the pilsner selection. Is that so wrong?

Our Beer Menu template does just that. We give you a way to publish an interactive list of beer that will allow users to see the exact type of beer they want to see.

You can create a sophisticated beer list that’s filterable by brewery, state of origin, country of origin, and availability. Combine those filters with sorts like ABV and price and finding the ideal beer just became easier.

This beer menu is perfect for the hobbyist brewery, the enthusiast, the collector, or any restaurant who’s looking for a better way to display their beer menu.

Wine List

Wine is a very personal thing. When someone finds a wine they enjoy, it becomes part of who they are. “I’m partial to pinot grigio” or “I’m a malbec kind of guy.” And that’s just to start – what about finding a wine from a particular country or a certain winery?

Our wine list template will make answering those questions as simple as applying a few clicks. You’ll be able to filter wines by winery, region, state, country, and varietal. And sort wines by winery, price per glass, and price per bottle.

This list is perfect for wine collectors, wineries, and restaurants with a wine list.

WebKite 1.0 and Beyond

This is exciting stuff for WebKite, but we’re far from done with this product. We have a number of new templates in the works as well as extra functionality.

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