About WebKite

We’re a small team of people trying to solve the constraints of advertising through technology. Our products leverage machine learning for the benefit of the everyday business owner seeking to sell more of their specialized, high-margin inventory. Our core belief is that much of advertising today does not account for the benefits of where technology and consumer behavior intersects - so we set out to fix that.


Grant Olson

Grant Olson
Principal Software Engineer

Grant is originally from Iowa. In an earlier life he had a brief career in the film industry, where among other things he was a PA on a TV movie about Oksana Baiul and a foley artist on the hit movie Mosquito, an old USA Network favorite. He subsequently spent the past two decades in Pittsburgh honing his skills as a software engineer, both professionally and in the open source world. He discovered bitcoin in 2011. His favorite movie is Videodrome. When he’s not in front of a computer, he’s learning how to repair and restore vintage mechanical wristwatches.

Maddi Love

Maddi Love

Maddi is a Colgate University graduate who has been in the sales and marketing industry for over 7 years now. On previous campaigns, she has been ranked #1 in the country 3 months in a row for team management, group sales efforts, and effective marketing of a campaign. She specializes in growing new campaigns and redeveloping current sales systems. In her spare time she is captain of her volleyball team and loves to take her dog Daveigh for long runs in the park. She loves to kayak, ski, and do pretty much anything outdoors!

Colin Grossman-Cross
Director of Sales

Colin is a Carnegie Mellon University graduate with degrees in physics and engineering. He has a history working for Tesla and in the field of autonomous vehicles. He has since transitioned into sales while maintaining his love for cars by continuing to work in the automotive sector. He specializes in growing new campaigns and redeveloping current sales systems.

Andy Smith

Andy Smith
Director of User Experience

Andy studies classical piano and dislikes writing bios.

Anna Tilisky
Sales Associate

Anna is Webkite’s top sales associate. She has been with the company since her graduation from Duquesne university in 2016, and has been leading WebKite’s sales funnel ever since. She enjoys puppies, brunch, and running in her free time.

Shea Loving
Sales Associate

Shea is a dedicated leader here at Webkite. As our lead sales associate, Shea is in charge of most North American dealerships. Shea loves Mexican food, techno music, and milkshakes.

Meech Agurs
Sales Associate

Meech is in charge of all outbound sales initiatives. In his spare time, he enjoys coding, video games, and his new son.

Alexis Wilkerson
Lead Marketing Specialist

Alexis began working with programmatic startups back in 2016. Since then she’s consistently partnered with growing companies to help manage their marketing and advertising needs. Alexis is an amazing cook, and loves to entertain friends and family.

Justine Salva
UX and Design

Justine has loved UX an design ever since her days at university of Illinois. She graduated manga cum laude, before doing work on some of the best Fortune 500 companies in the US. She’s an active Kappa Kappa Gamma alum, with a love of dashunds and the Chicago Cubs!

Brian Guyen
Software Developer

Brian graduated from the University of Indiana with a degree in computer sciences. Since then, Brian has been instrumental in developing some of the most commonly used apps today. Here at Webkite, he’s combined his work in custom development with machine learning. Brian enjoys his French bulldog and loves to eat as much Korean barbecue as possible.

Phil Marzolf

Phil is a successful startup entrepreneur and professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Phil has been involved with Webkite since our inception, and has been a trait advisor ever since.

Mark Heckmann

Mark Heckmann

Mark is a Carnegie Mellon University graduate who has been working as the CEO of early-stage software companies for about five years. His first company, Student InTuition, merged to form Imagine Careers, Inc., a first-of-its-kind career discovery and engagement platform in the human capital space. Mark joined WebKite in the summer of 2016 out of his excitement for the advertising technology space and the powerful products WebKite has developed to date. Machine learning and language technologies can do so much still to connect consumers to the products they need, and WebKite will continue to be a major player in that work. When not at work, Mark can be found serving as his neighborhood’s borough councilman, an advisor to small and family-owned businesses, a sous chef for his lovely wife’s kitchen creations, and the kooky uncle to his cute niece Lindsey.

Board of Directors

Eric Silver

Eric Silver

If you’re a fan of ModCloth you already know that their secret is the products they carry. While serving as ModCloth’s CMO, Eric led the team that turned their merchandise into marketing. Now Eric is proud to serve on the board of WebKite helping local-centric businesses to communicate their wares to their communities. Eric also brings his experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer, MBA, former McKinsey consultant, and current PhD studying how innovation impacts communities to WebKite.

Inventory-based advertising is a better way to advertise

Since we're generating specific ads based on a business' inventory, ads are only shown to customers that are ready to buy those products.

This mitigates waste and ensures that you only get clicks that have a better chance of leading to a sale. Inventory-based ads help you skip past the bartering and get right to the sale. Meaning you can spend less time maintaining ads and more time taking care of your business.

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