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Digital Darwinism: The Evolution of Search

Internet search is an integral part of our daily lives. Everyday tasks such as conducting scholarly research, shopping, interacting with friends, choosing a university, or finding a nearby Thai restaurant have dramatically changed through the advent of online search. But Read More

SEO at Pittsburgh Technology Council

SEO: Good, No Longer Bad and Ugly

Yesterday, Julia and I were lucky enough to attend an educational SEO training program put on by LunaMetrics at the Pittsburgh Technology Council. To many, SEO is considered a dark art that relies on devious tactics to move your Read More

Ooh la la XXX Search!

At WebKite we’re big supporters of search engine alternatives to behemoths like Google and Bing. The latest alternative search engine to launch is, the first .xxx only search engine.  Created by ICM Registry, is a simple and discreet looking search engine that serves Read More

Bing It On – The Modern Day Pepsi Challenge

Walking into grocery stores as a young child, I’d get overwhelmed at the prospect of blind taste tests. Drinking competing milks, eating rival cheeses, and consuming adversarial donuts was a treat because it meant I got to eat twice the Read More

The Search Olympics: Bing, Yahoo!, and Google

Athletes, coaches, and fans are gathered in London celebrating athleticism across the world in a variety of events. While Michael Phelps swims for the gold and hometown favorite Mo Farah tries to break the tape in a distance event to Read More