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Spooky WebKite Release Notes

We usually don’t post about our release notes because, well, they’re not the most exciting thing going on at WebKite. Though, they do give a sneak peek into what’s going on with the WebKite platform, maybe it’s something people do want Read More

Getting Hyped for Pittsburgh Startup Weekend

Another weekend, another Pittsburgh startup weekend! It’s a solid event that brings together the innovators, dreamers, thinkers, and tinkerers to build something wondrous. In only a weekend. As a startup, it’s great that this sort of event grows bigger every Read More

Directory Software for Startups

Here’s something to chew on: Startups exist to change the world. Make life easier. More enjoyable. Carefree. Each successful startup is one step closer to that technical utopia that you read about in Popular Science back in the 70’s. But, Read More

Look at that banner!

WebKite’s West Coast Tour

Let me just say there’s nothing wrong with the east coast. It’s a great place and we’re proud inject a bit of innovation here. Where else are there programs like Rust Built and Built in Pittsburgh? The camaraderie and support Read More

Eric Silver, Our Founder and a Fast Tracker!

Eric is the kind of person that gets things done.  Sometimes I’m not even sure when he sleeps. I’ll get emails from him around 5AM and then see him in the office bright-eyed and bushy tail around 8AM. It’s this Read More