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It's like shirts, but for Startups

It’s Like Shirts, but for Fans of Startups

The Pittsburgh startup scene has done nothing but blossom in the past few years. I think we’re even beginning to outnumber Primanti Bros. restaurants! While residents of Pittsburgh may not show wear their love the startup scene like they do Read More

Kit Mueller on the Pittsburgh Thinkathon

After posting some thoughts on the Pittsburgh Thinkathon yesterday I thought “Wouldn’t it be swell if we heard from one of the organizers?” Luckily for me I have Kit Mueller on speed dial. Kit seems to show up just about Read More

Employee Kites: E-Commerce Review

Publishing and sharing your valuable content with the masses is exciting in its own right but what about making your content profitable? WebKite isn’t just a great tool for easily publishing your unique data, it’s also a way to make Read More

Opening slide of Creative Mornings in Pittsburgh

Creative Mornings and A World of Appreciation

Creative Mornings is lecture series that takes place in 40 cities. Its purpose is to jumpstart your work day with  a concentrated dose of creativity and perspective. The pastries, coffee, and gregarious company certainly didn’t hurt. This morning’s theme Read More