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Publish WebKite Lists to a Facebook Page

Publish Everywhere (Including Facebook!) At WebKite our goal is to help businesses publish and update information everywhere online using a single interface.  WebKite is a one-stop-shop for updating an inventory, food menu, wine list or more. A few weeks ago Read More

WebKite for WordPress Now Supports Multiple Languages

There are  WebKite users throughought the globe—every continent harbors a WebKite user that is building interactive lists to embed on their WordPress site. Well, every continent except for Antarctica. So, if you know someone in Antarctica (or plan on visiting Read More

Sort, Rearrange, and Order Your Data with WebKite!

We’re pretty excited to show off a new WebKite feature: Sorts. Sorts might not sound too exciting, but in actuality it changes the data-game. WebKite is all about helping you take your data (whether that’s a list of recipes, businesses, Read More

From Spreadsheet to Website

Alaina Cauchie is the platform integration lead at Webkite, which is a fancy way of saying she helps to make your Kite dreams possible. She has created all the WebKite support documents and has helped many of our users Read More

Year of the Kite!

2013: Year of the Kite

Happy 2013! Welcome back to the WebKite blog where we’ll be discussing all of the relevant, exciting, and incredible happenings at WebKite HQ. 2012 was thrilling for the staff and ended in a well-deserved vacation. But we’re back! With vigor, Read More

Video: How to Make Money with WebKite

Remember when easily making money from your content was just a dream? With WebKite, that dream is now a reality. Through our unique publishing platform, you can leverage the content that you’re passionate about to make money and help people make Read More

Video: The WebKite Decision Platform

WebKite is capable of a lot of great things – it’s ideal for adding a host of new capabilities to your site and providing an intuitive way to sort through content. To best illustrate the decision platform aspect of WebKite, Read More

How WebKite Keeps Content Fresh

So now that you know garden-fresh content is needed to help your site take flight, how are you going to do it? Are you going to implement a relentless content posting and updating schedule that consumes the majority of your waking Read More