In Brief

WebKite realizes that a company is only as good as its employees. With several unique jobs available, we’re focusing on building our business around a small group of people who care about WebKite and are cared about in return. Each employee is a partner, who designs their own path to greatest contribution, while taking shared responsibility for ethical treatment of our customers and providers, our profitability, each other, and ourselves.

Hours are flexible. Geography is flexible, too, giving employees the chance to re-locate. Compensation is competitive, health, dental, and vision care generous, and our parking, coffee, and snacks the free-est.

Opportunity to Grow

WebKite members enjoy autonomy and ownership over individual projects. Members who outgrow their projects are offered the means to delegate project duties and take on management responsibilities and more challenging projects. As we are young and growing, positions provide opportunities for growth and advancement. Members are given access to stocked mini-kitchens, the best tools we can find, and an excited and supportive team.

WebKite members enjoy the knowledge that they are working to provide a culturally valuable service through its mission. While a majority of internet searches are conducted by consumers seeking product information, no available tool or information provides consumers with a complete picture of the market of offered goods, nor the ability to view products in the context of a consumer’s preferences. Current product information on the internet is scattered across sources, outdated, incomplete, or based on reviews either incentivized or sponsored by the companies who make the products. WebKite aims to address these problems through a service that is yet unattended by current buying guides and tools: the ability to specify user preferences and engage with a comprehensive database of products. We believe in sharing these insights, and that empowering smarter decisions will fundamentally change how products are developed and companies are run.

WebKite is founded on the belief of helping users publish content without a burden, and seek team members whose values fit our vision.

Currently Seeking: