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An Inside Look Into the Mind Behind WebKite

Tech Take Out is a pretty rad thing that the Pittsburgh Technology Council puts together. It’s a tiny video that focuses on “bytes of entrepreneurial wisdom and advice from local business leaders.” One of the most recent episodes focuses Read More

Spooky WebKite Release Notes

We usually don’t post about our release notes because, well, they’re not the most exciting thing going on at WebKite. Though, they do give a sneak peek into what’s going on with the WebKite platform, maybe it’s something people do want Read More

Directory Software for Startups

Here’s something to chew on: Startups exist to change the world. Make life easier. More enjoyable. Carefree. Each successful startup is one step closer to that technical utopia that you read about in Popular Science back in the 70’s. But, Read More

WebKite Kite Jam 2.0!

The WebKite Kite Jam is an event we hold in the office every few months. The staff takes a day to use the product and build something with the platform from scratch. When you’re working so closely to build Read More

Kit Mueller on the Pittsburgh Thinkathon

After posting some thoughts on the Pittsburgh Thinkathon yesterday I thought “Wouldn’t it be swell if we heard from one of the organizers?” Luckily for me I have Kit Mueller on speed dial. Kit seems to show up just about Read More