WebKite creates real-time, inventory-specific advertising to drive purchase-ready buyers to our clients.

If your advertising doesn't adapt with your inventory, you're missing out on sales.
We target customers who are ready to buy today, saving you valuable time and money while moving product out the door.

WebKite's software indexes the inventory or services your company provides and creates effective and efficient advertising opportunities for consumers who know exactly what they want. We strive to provide a direct path between product and customer, funneling your inventory to the customers who want it most!

For Your Inventory:

2,500+ Ads are Created

10,000+ Keywords are Created

Happy Customers!

When consumers can search and find the exact products or services they want, available to them locally and efficiently, they are much more likely to purchase! WebKite is an industry leader in this form of tech-enabled advertising.

Keywords Generated by WebKite are Tailored to Customers Ready to Make a Decision.

WebKite effectively leverages Google, Bing, and Facebook to handle Ad Tech in a way that best optimizes conversions for your specific product or service!

By using a combination of geo-fencing and demographic targeting, WebKite is able to properly portray your product or service to the best-match customer for your inventory.

Put Your Inventory to Work

When your inventory speaks directly to a buyer’s wants, it becomes your biggest lead generation opportunity on the internet. That's what brings you sales, not generic advertisements.

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